Wheelsets and wagon axles

EuroTrans Burgas Company specializes in the formation of wheelsets and supplies of axles for railway freight wagons. The production process is controlled by specialists of the company at all stages of manufacturing, including the acceptance of components from the contractors. The company has highly qualified and experienced specialists in the area of production of wheelsets for freight wagons. Its manufacturing facilities are located in the Republic of Bulgaria on the territory of the car-building plant AD Transwagon and equipped with modern equipment for a full cycle of formation of wheelsets, including a stand for vibration diagnostics, shot-blasting and a paint-spraying booth. The production and products are fully certified in accordance with EN regulations and TSI standards and has a certificate of compliance with the quality management system ISO 9001:2008.

We produce and supply the following products:

  • wheelsets with an axle load from 16 to 25,5 tonnes,
  • axles with rough and fine finishing with a load from 16 to 25,5 tonnes,
  • wheelsets and axles for different types of rail track gauge 1435, 1520, 1676 mm,
  • we have a possibility to make axles and wheelsets according to the customer's drawings and requirements.

The operational management is carried out by team of proffessionals that is experienced in OEM technologies and specializes in the production management for the needs of car building and in the supplies of components for freight rolling stock of CIS, EU and Asia.

In order to form wheelsets, we use the one-piece rolled wheels produced by EVRAZ NTMK and Vyksa Steel Works that are the leading producers of rail wheels in Russia.

The manufacturer of wagon axles is the Joint Stock Company “Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod”, the world's biggest car-building plant, our close and reliable partner. In order to produce wheelsets, we use the wagon axles with a load from 16 to 25,5 tonnes, produced in the Joint Stock Company “Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod”.

We can offer certified finished, semifinished or rough forged axles.

Currently, the wheelsets and axles offered by us are the best value for money on the market!

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